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  Box Series-Women, War & Peace        
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  Women across the centuries have many endured the pain related to violence caused by War, Revolutions and Political caos. From those Mother’s like my Mother-in-Law that had her two sons go to war at the same time. Or the many Women that actually serve duty, to those left behind in the refugee camps, those that are left to bury the dead.

There is an incredible bond between women, regardless of race, origin or religion. And that’s what my first piece “Women, War & Peace” is about. On the outside of the box there are red splatters signifying blood and violence. You can see the background photo of several women (hidden under the heavy cloth representing pressure and weight) but without a real identity as they could be from anywhere.

The hands at the waistline in a position of vigil and pain, but reaching for the other hands to bond, almost forming a tight rope across. As they look at the flowers they have left perhaps in their loved ones graves and hoping for Peace and no more violence. Thus the folded flag on the inside of the box, “The Peace Flag”. In the background there are clippings of the latest newspapers having to do with the Iraq war.