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  My studio gets a roof….        
  This year my studio got walls, and allowed me to use fine Japanese digital paper as part of my collage work without having to fight the wind, the flies and the bees. It was a period of continuous learning about my environment, people I met and the desert in particular. In my new series " The Roses of the Desert" I used photography as the primary medium combined with found objects, and encaustic. A recurring theme in my work has been the feminine and the continuous discovery of the essence of a woman. What makes us who we are… So my interest grew while I met some wonderful women in our community. I decided to make a parallel between the women I was meeting and the desert both along my path. I found many characteristics of the desert that parallel women. The desert is vast and beautiful, a large landscape with paths, some with spines, nurturing in its own way, and incredibly withstanding. The women in my path are also beautiful, strong, nurturing, with their own rough spots and also incredibly withstanding.